Congratulations to Josh and Matt for placing 4th in Bowling at the 2014 National Games! 

Please share in their experience as described below by their mom, Marty

Arrival in New Jersey 

At Finish Line 6-13-14

On bus on the New Jersey turnpike on the way to the opening 

How Meg and I and other parents arrived opening ceremonies 

New friend Shannon and I on the train 

 Outside Plaza of Prudential Arena Opening Ceremonies

Inside arena, Team Indiana arriving 

In middle of Opening Ceremonies 

Logo for Bowling.  Red on any icon meant that it was a Unified event.  

The theme of the games was "Unity and Inclusion" 

Josh receiving coaching from Coach Cinda 

Day 1 prelim score for Matt! 

 Day 2 Singles with Josh and Andy Petrovich

Josh got a strike Day 2 

Awards Day 2 - 4th place 

Day 2 awards with Josh and Andy 

Day 3 bowling Doubles with Matt 

 Day 4-5 receiving team award from Professional Bowler Parker Bohn

Very tired but happy Team Indiana on Day 5 

 Day 5 Fun closing Ceremonies in Sun Hockey Arena in Trenton

 Selfie at Closing Ceremonies

 Josh in co-pilots seat in way home 6-21-14

 Other sport we got to see Track 4x 400 relay Indiana got a silver

Beautiful gardens where Parents Reception for Fan Club was held on old Princeton campus

 Relaxing night in Downtown Princeton at Chi Chi Burger 

Yummy with Meg and Shannon Newman our cool roommate

 Part of the Delaware River Gap we drove through on our way back beautiful country side off of I 80

 5 days, 1700 + miles, new friends so worth it

Thanks Hendricks County for the experience!!


View additional photos of Team Indiana by clicking the link below:


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