Happy Valentine's Day!

The bus trip for Taylor is here, it's a fun time.

The Monday night basketball games are really great.


My Special Valentine 

M  is for your MELODY when singing a song

Y  is for YOU and everyday you grow strong

S  is for SALS it's a nice place to eat

P  is for PRECIOUS you're being so sweet

E  is for ENJOYMENT with the date you chose

C  is for CHERISH when you give her a rose

I  is for INNOCENCE of your love tonight

A  is for AMUSING your smile shines so bright

L  is for LAUGHTER in the night under the stars 

 is for VALENTINE and a sweet one you are

A  is for your AFFECTIONATE warmth and care

L  is for your LOVE and it's everywhere

 is for the EXCITEMENT in your smile

N  is for the NURTURE that's just your style

 is for TONIGHT with your friends sharing the fun

I  is for how INCREDIBLE you are to everyone

 is for the NICEST person to spend this time

 is for EVERLASTING hugs for my valentine


 Special Olympics is playing Unified

My Best Day:  Lunch at Taylor

Special Olympics is celebrating someone's birthday

   Just Smile


What's your super power


  1. Bake an angel food cake or buy one
  2. Drizzle vanilla glaze over it.
  3. Add Strawberries 

Kelli Mullins

Jessa Messinger

Brooke Hasty

Logan Roberts

Laurie Parsons

Josh Saupe

Michael Doell

Mallory Alocorn

Amanda Alcorn

Brian Ambrose

Mark Munroe

William Barlow

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