Great job to all our athletes in the Equestrian competition!

You all did so well. 
See you all at the Halloween Party!

October Night 

On a dark October night

We gather with our friends

We wear not so scary costumes

And it's fun to just pretend

By the fire pit we look around

There's a scarecrow by the tree

And it's such a peaceful feeling

As the leaves blow in the breeze

Across the way a tractor waits

With a wagon filled with hay

It's a hayride full of laughter

As we sing along the way

On a dark October night

Friends come near and far

To have good food and play some games

Like guessing candy in a jar

Roasting marshmallows by the fire

The aroma fills the air

Stars are out and the moon is full

With circling bats up there

Across the way some pumpkins glow

Their faces light the night

It's a Halloween just for us

And we love those purple lights


Special Olympics is seeing all the smiles

My Best Day Bowling a Strike

Athletes are like puppies - you can't love just one

 Just Smile


I tell myself is, I don't need to write that down.

I'll remember it.

 Carrot Pinwheels

  makes:  4 servings

  • Roll up cream cheese and seasonal favorites in tortillas for perfect bite-    size appetizers

  1. SPREAD 2 flour tortillas (8 inch) evenly with 3 Tbsp. Philadelphia chive and onion cream cheese spread; top with 2 finely chopped carrots (about 1 cup) and 2 thinly sliced green onions
  2. ROLL up tortillas tightly; wrap individually in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate 30 minutes.
  3. UNWRAP roll-ups.  Cut each into 6 pieces just before serving.

Eric Spurling

Allison Woodward

Lucas Apple

Brett Hiquet

Maria Mitchell

Mark Bogle

Frances Butters 


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